Which Graffiti Marker Pen Is Best?

Grog Squeezer

A question asked by many a noble graffiti artist: which graffiti pen is best? Read this article for answers.

Which type of graffiti pen depends on a few factors:

  • What type of surface you want to write on
  • Outside or inside
  • How big you want to go
  • Chiselled or round nib
  • How long you have been writing

That last point is pretty important  – “How long you have been writing”.

If you have only been writing for a short time – less than a year – or if you have live in a small town where people still stay hello to each other – you may not want to go all out with a dirty great marker pen and stain the flip out of the town. Go easy. Stick to cities if you are going to destroy the place.

With that covered let’s get started shall we?

Posca pens – or chalk markers – are really cool if you just want to write on glass or windows. They don’t stain, so are fairly ethical in that sense. They are great for painting on shop fronts / legal window art.

If you are planning on going out graffiti bombing – and drawing on a wide array of surfaces – insides and out – you will want a good all purpose graffiti pen.

There are lots of different all purpose graffiti markers – and which is best for you depends on taste and local availability.

A good start is an OTR pen, or a Molotow marker.

I find Molotow are bringing out some pretty high quality pens these days.

Molotow 767PI Speedflow

The above is a Molotow 767PI Speedflow, a 60mm wide marker pen perfect for black or colored ink. A massive pen, so you may find it a little hard to use. Its the sort of marker you will only have to drop a few tags and people will notice – it is huge!

Another great pen is the Molotow 440.

Molotow 440 640PP

The extra wide nib gives your tags awesome width. If you don’t want to use the ink you get with it, tip it out and use it in a mop – the replace the ink with your own Grog/Corio etc.

Other great pens are graffiti mops.

Mops can vary depending on what is available locally. You may be able to source bingo markers, shoe polish pens or similar cheaply from supermarkets or other shops in your local area.

if not you can buy Grog or Krink mops that will help you create awesome drippy tags from another dimension.

Grog Squeezer

The above Grog Squeezer marker is is my opinion the best mop ever made. You can go up to 25 mm in width, and get the pen in a huge array of Grog’s awesome ink.

Grog’s most famous ink is their Black, Chrome and White colors.

We hope this guide has been useful.

Much love, GraffitiCreator.org.

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