21 Supercool Graffiti Alphabets

Tats Cru mural on Second Street - Photo by Salim Virji



Not an alphabet, but watch this guy roll out this tag… I think it gives you a good idea that tags don’t have to be the same, there are no rules – just have fun and invent your own style. No one wants to see the same style letters over and over. Okay, some people do, but that’s just fashion…



Wizzard, we bow down to your awesome graffiti alphabet. We are not worthy. Sharp and pointy graffiti goings on from the Wizzard. Like a wizzard’s hat. Kinda.



Fairly standard graffiti shapes, but a valiant effort. I award you four spray-cans out of five.



Some nice graffiti hand-styles from some chap called Sniper One. You can see why he is a sniper. Deadly letter forms, cold and calculated to the last millimetre.



The style is fly, but look at that fat juicy marker pen the brother has used. Molotow ink apparently. I can dig.



This bro has style. Curly, fluid, with a hint of sharpness. Bazinga. Watch how the bro busts out some throw-up style bubble graffiti letters.



The dude gets deep on the letter “K”. Just shows how many different ways you can shape and frame a letter. Just the simple orientation of the letter (does it lean backwards or forwards) can make an awesome difference.

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