When Seen Painted The Hollywood Sign

September 10, 2014 0 Comments Videos

The story from the man himself – Seen explains how he came to do graffiti on the famous Hollywood sign.


Back in ’85 I started to explore beyond New York city and I took a trip to Los Angeles, California. Back I believe it was in 1984 with Blade One.

We went out there to do a project, a it was a painting project, a mural, for Capitol records.

When we went out there I noticed the Hollywood sign and the letters were huge, gigantic, on top of this hill.

And to me when I look at it, I realised it that it was Los Angeles’ pride and joy and I looked at and thought it would look really great with a ‘Seen’ piece on it.

So after I returned from New York I kept thinking about going there again and paint the sign.

And about two months later I bought a plane ticket for myself and a friend of mine and I asked him to come to California with me because that had something I had to do.

So when I got out to California I climbed up and checked out the sign there and it was bigger than I thought it was, this thing was huge, but it was still something that I wanted to do.

So I gathered up about 50 cans of paint, and I bought a few hardware gardening tools to cut down some small trees and weeds that were at the bottom of the letters.

And I climbed the mountain…

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