Ten Awesome New Graffiti Videos February 2014

February 12, 2014 0 Comments Videos
Pako Sancho

Enjoy ten superfine new graffiti videos, selected for your maximum visual pleasure.

Some crazy awesome videos for you this month, sourced from all over the world – Belgium to Paraguay.

1) Cain Xerox Dos

[vimeo 85886385 w=620]

Some super crazy graffiti (plus sound & visuals) from artists Cain Xerox & Dos.

2) Pilsen – Mural por Oz Montania

[vimeo 86115688 w=620 h=349]

Massive graffiti mural action from Paraguay.

3) Train In The Vein

[vimeo 86010875 w=620]

A 21 minute long train graffiti documentary from Germany.

4) Bombing Lisboa

[vimeo 85730529 w=620]

A 13 minute documentary on the people and art of Lisbon, Portugal.


[vimeo 86359182 w=620]

FINCH by DZIA is an 18 seconds long time-lapse video of rather nice finch.

6) Pako Sancho – Graffiti

[vimeo 85912511 w=620]

Video from Pako Sancho – France.

7) The only way to finish

[vimeo 86261467 w=620]

Time lapse video of an awesome piece from Mr. Leenknecht – Mariakerke, Belgium.

8) Quake of the Cans 3

[vimeo 86273089 w=620]

Quake of the Cans graffiti jam – Victoria, Canada.

9) Turbo Fatcap

[vimeo 86227849 w=620]

Original graffiti fatcap styles from artist iNO.

10) Graffiti Mapping

[vimeo 85971377 w=620]

And today’s insane graffiti weirdness video comes from the Illusion Research Lab.

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