7 New Graffiti & Street Art Videos, September 2013

September 1, 2013 0 Comments Videos

Sit back you crazy fools, we have 7 new graffiti videos for your visual and audiological pleasure.

First in line:

1) Cant Burn This Episode 2: Crept + Met – CBM Crew

[vimeo 71464836 w=612&h=344]


West London graffiti artists CREPT + MET – CBM.

Courtesy of Cantbuffthis.com.

2) Pablo Aravena: Time wastes for nobody

[vimeo 73265784 w=612&h=344]

Pablo Aravena - Time wastes for nobody - feat. Ripo and She One - A short film by Pablo Aravena

A short film from Pablo Aravena, featuring Ripo and She. Filmed in an abandoned factory in Barcelona.

Fantastic abstract lettering in a superbly desolate location.

Music is ‘Detroit’ by Moonstarr.

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3) Leto 2013 Part 2

[vimeo 73452795 w=612&h=344]

Omski 13

Supremely trippy graffiti video. Hard to find source information. Part 1 is here.

4) Rodie: Play

[vimeo 73558312 w=612&h=344]


Photgraphy and editing from: Eddison, this short film looks at the working behind a piece from Rodie – part of a wall painted with Empty and Quiet.

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5) Bombing De Rimas Mamo Armada

[vimeo 73425859 w=612&h=344]

Dmental graffiti shop Bogotá

Posted on Vimeo by Dmental Graffiti Shop Bogotá, Colombia.

6) Dabs Myla with Aryz & Vino in Barcelona

[vimeo 73302298 w=612&h=344]


Short film by Edgar Lledó, with some nice pieces from Australian artists Dabs and Myla and local Barcelona artists Vino and Aryz.

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7) Frame vs Graffiti Technica: Street Hackers

[vimeo 73194017 w=612&h=344]

Street Hackers

Something a little experimental to finish with, this is a prototpye of an app being developed by Frame – featuring Graffiti Technica.

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