10 Calligraphy Tutorial Videos To Develop Your Handstyles

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Urban calligraphy

The art of graffiti takes in many influences, and for some writers calligraphy and hand writing styles are fundamental to what they do.

We have pulled together a collection of ten calligraphy and hand writing style videos, for beginners to advanced level, to give you both inspiration and guides to help you learn the noble art.

Pilot Broad Tip Marker


Classic marker pen calligraphy tag styles. Video from ArtPrimo.

Ivan Castro – Fabric Calligraphy

[vimeo 76708848 w=620]

Watch artist and calligrapher Ivan Castro draw out some incredible styles, using a variety of pens on fabric, as well as paper and glass.

Calligraphy Styles from 1540: Gerard Mercator

[vimeo 53332092 w=620]

(In Dutch) a look at the calligraphy manual created by Gerard Mercator in 1540.

The video from Hedwige Daenens also includes a must see tutorial / modern interpretation of his style at 56 seconds in.

Calligraphy and Modern Writing Tutorial

[vimeo 11467122 w=620]

A fantastic academic documentary from the University of Salford, featuring an interview with a calligraphy expert.

The discussion covers the history of calligraphy, modern writing, ink, and what it is like to be a calligrapher.

Urban Calligraphy – Skyfall


Urban calligraphy live street art performance.

Watch as an artist paints calligraphy big style using ink on boarding.

Wore: Del Ghetto: Caligrafía Gótica


A silent Gothic calligraphy style demo by artist Wore.

The sketch blends graffiti and Gothic lettering styles.

Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration


An eleven minute long Chinese calligraphy demonstration.

Covers everything from how to hold the brush, to get different brush strokes, different letters, and everything in between.

Tattoo Graffiti Calligraphy Tutorial


Tattoo style graffiti calligraphy sketch.

Technically this isn’t calligraphy, but a cool video and tutorial none-the-less.

Hebrew Calligraphy Alphabet

[vimeo 17725576 w=620]

Watch Michel D’anastasio draw the Hebrew alphabet in calligraphy.

The first examples of written Hebrew date from the 10th century BC.

Calligraphy Clips

[vimeo 71494680 w=620]

A series of calligraphy sketches from Seb Lester.

You can find more from Seb on his Instagram @seblester.

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