11 Recent Pictures of Banksy Stencils in London

May 6, 2012 0 Comments Gallery

Banksy. In London. Do we need any other reasons to put this gallery together? No. I thought not.

IMG_2365 © by silverfox09

A little girl, with a balloon, but the ballon is actually a heart, and it is flying away… *vmt*

Two rats © by silverfox09

Rats at work. But human work. But are they really at work? The one on the left looks proper shifty. Are they breaking into that piece of wood?

Banksy: London © by eddiedangerous

Note to self: don’t drink on the way to work.

Go back to bed: Thames Walk © by Salim Virji

That is exactly what I was just thinking? Back to bed, and more alcohol. Thanks Banksy.

Banksy in gunstreet © by simonvc

Is this actually Banksy? I don’t think we can be totally sure about that. Assumptions are the…

Banksy London 2000 © by buddhjeans

This is definitely Banksy. It says so at the top. Makes my job proper easy. Banksy, easy. Banksy, easy.

BANKSY – London Calling © by paul nine-o

Again, not sure this is actually a banksy. But what the hey, it looks good.

Private Area © by silverfox09

Hahaaaaahaaaa. What?

Revolution © by silverfox09

If you say so mate. If you say so. *cough*

The Drinker (Banksy) © by silverfox09

Hahaaaaahaaaaaa. Haa.

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