The Bluntskins

September 1, 2013 0 Comments Hip Hop
The Bluntskins - Manchester

The Bluntskins: Mellow HighsThe Bluntskins are a decidedly relaxed hip hop group from Manchester, UK. So relaxed they may leave you in a coma you may not wake up from for weeks, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Bluntskins are made up of two rappers Cheech and Bill Sykes, and DJ/Producer Pro. P.

The Bluntskins: Roll Up


Roll Up is a dark heavy tune, dedicated to blunts and rolling up.

The Bluntskins: Mellow Highs


Supremely chilled sounds and hypnotics visuals.

Mellow Highs is taken from their self titled debut album The Bluntskins.

The Bluntskins album

The Bluntskins album is available to buy on BandCamp or iTunes, or to stream on Spotify.

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