Brazilian 2013 Protests: Video, Pics and Graffiti

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Brazil protests 2013 - Photo by BrunoBrunan

Those that follow the news – or live in Brazil – may have heard about the recent protests following the bus price rises and police corruption.

The protests have been known as the V for Vinegar Movement, Brazilian Spring or Tropical Spring.

Here is a video from Vice about the protests.

Public Transportation Riots in São Paulo (Part 1/2)


Part two will follow soon. Like our GraffitiCreator page on Facebook for updates:

2013 Brazilian Protests

Starting in June, various protests began in São Paulo, following the increase in bus and metro fare prices.

The first big protest happened on the 6th June 2013.

As protests want on, Police tactics quickly became very heavy-handed.

Eventually, the media organisations that had at first condemned the protests began to report on the levels of police brutality against the peaceful protesters – especially as journalists themselves started to be assaulted by the police.

By the 17th June a reported 250,000 protesters attended events in various cities all over Brazil.

On the 19th numerous city mayors announced they would be making travel cheaper, revoking price increases.

On the 20th June over 2 million people protested, making this series of protests the biggest for decades.

The government announced a series of measures in response to the protests, including improvements to travel, health and education.

Protests have continued, including protests against the forthcoming football World Cup.

Brazilian Protest Graffiti

Throughout the protests (watch the video above) there is a lot of graffiti.

We have put together a gallery of graffiti, and general craziness from the protests:

Brazil protests 2013 - Photo by BrunoBrunan

Police car graffiti - photo by by BrunoBrunan

Porto Alegre - Photo by Reuters

Protest graffiti - photo by azucrina

Protest graffiti - photo by azucrina

Brazil protest graffiti - photo by chicow

Porcos Fardados (Pigs in uniform) - Photo by Aldo Lammel

Activist on mobile - by Aldo Lammel

Fire - photo by Fernando H. C. Oliveira

Among the Thugs II / Entre os "Vândalos" II - photo by Fernando H. C. Oliveira

Photo by Duda Arraes

Brazil Protest Graffiti - Photo by Nelson Antoine

A protester stands next to a homeless woman with a placard reading "We want a cure for hunger" in the center of Recife, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, on June 20, 2013, during a protest of what is now called the 'Tropical Spring' against corruption and price hikes. Brazilians took to the streets again on a new day of mass nationwide protests, demanding better public services and bemoaning massive spending to stage the World Cup. More than one million people have pledged via social media networks to march in 80 cities across Brazil, as the two-week-old protest movement -- the biggest seen in the South American country in 20 years -- showed no sign of abating.

We hope the people of Brazil achieve the changes they hope for.

From Brazil, or have your own message for the people of Brazil? Leave a comment below.

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